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Neptune in House 1 of the BirthChart

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Whoever is born with this Neptune positioning can also be considered a dreamer. Thus, having Neptune in the House 1 may mean that the person will have a little bit of the sign of Pisces in them. For example, they tend to go in one direction and when they reach a certain point they may wonder: “Just how did I get here?” Such scattering makes people with this positioning live in a world apart to a certain extent, so it is important for them to always get back to reality and not get totally carried away by their imagination.

They may be more sensitive than others and feel their personality “is the best”, that their attitudes are special and unique, hence raising the bar of expectations about themselves a bit too high. This type of behavior can make the person live a personal path in life based on dreams or illusions, with a certain tendency to becoming scattered, having some difficulties in setting limits for themselves and being over assertive.

Due to their greater sensitivity and tolerance, they tend to easily take in everything around them, so it is necessary for them to learn to protect themselves from certain influences. People with this positioning gain extra strength to influence others to agree with their point of view or ideas, without other people noticing such influence. Due to a certain duality in their personality, artistic skills tend to come to the forefront, perhaps increasing their chances of taking up an acting career, for instance.

They will probably need to face some lifelong challenges. One of them is to become more humanitarian, that is, to show greater sensitivity to the situation of poor people or those who are undergoing difficulties, facing hardships. Another challenge is to develop intuition, creative sensitivity, which can become something quite positive, since, in this way, it will be possible for them to comprehend more fully the environment in which they find themselves and the people they live with.

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