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SaturnSaturn in House 1 of the BirthChart

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House 1 is important for shaping one’s personality. If Saturn is present in this house, this process is intensified. Individuals can become more aware and responsible, better distinguishing what is right from wrong, and are unlikely to be a very selfish person. Guilt and anxiety are feelings that can be recurrent, even if wrongly. Such feelings can make the individuals more attached to their surroundings.

Here, it is as if Saturn placed a bag of cement on their back, forcing them to cross a cold desert, where there is almost no water available, but with promises that this path will lead them to a destination more prosperous. Their lesson from this will be to become a stronger, more persevering, and time-friendly person.

The tendency is to be always on the defensive, where in the eyes of others, they may appear to be a colder person, who does not like to expose themselves and have an instinct of self-preservation, feeling safe only when they dominate the situation and know that they are accepted in their environment. They may take a while to open up more to life.

The critical sense can be more exaggerated, so they tend to be a more demanding and rigid person. Their actions are easier to calculate, as they usually have more defined goals and go after what they want. Sometimes, for fear of making mistakes and not being accepted, they can take a while to take the initiative in something, whether in relation to work or personal life, not doing something they want. They may fail to make decisions and make commitments that might challenge them.

The path to reach the idealized goal can be longer or more difficult. They also tend to be, at first glance, a lonelier person and wanting to do everything on their own. Self-esteem is not always good, and there may be some difficulties in dealing with the body, eventually feeling like an ugly or awkward person. If insecure, people with this positioning may value their shortcomings and disdain their qualities, something that needs to be worked on. They may also place more value on what they do not have and forget their achievements.

They are usually very concerned with their ambitions and may not realize the needs of the other. Despite some complexities of this positioning, natives tend to know what they want, acting with a little more responsibility and being correct in what they propose to do, being a more observant and coherent person. Their achievements are usually the result of their work and effort. Loneliness can make them self-reliant and focused on their goals.

They tend to enjoy being recognized for their own merits, competence, and qualities, being fair and respectable, although sometimes austere. As always, there are challenges to be faced. One of them is to learn to overcome personal blocks, feel more secure, and have more initiative in everything they do. The ideal is to stop blaming the world for any frustrations, after all, each person is solely responsible for their life. It is necessary to take the lead and be even more objective to get the desired recognition. Life must be taken lightly. Injecting more humor and fun into everyday life will only bring benefits. Meditation and self-knowledge work can help them to know themselves better and overcome obstacles.

Possible losses from this positioning are reduced if Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, and increased if it is in Aries, Cancer, or Leo.

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