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Mercury in House 1 of the BirthChart

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Mercury is exalted in the first house, a place of contentment, thus favoring communications, social exchanges and especially studies, making these people more vigorous and eloquent when communicating. It is expected that they more readily understand the things around them, and this position also favors logical and rational thinking.

Others tend to feel that these people have increased perception, which makes them even look brilliant at times. It is a good positioning for students, merchants and people who travel a lot for work, as their intellectual and literary faculties can be increased, causing thoughts to be exposed in a more logical and intelligible way; these people are also influenced to having a greater avidity for obtaining knowledge.

However, it can also make people with this positioning speak a bit more, (sometimes more than necessary); therefore, it is good for them to take care not to expose their individuality unnecessarily.

They tend to occupy their minds with many thoughts about themselves, constantly reflecting on plans, goals and desires. As there is a more dynamic flow of information going through their minds, it can be difficult for them to stay focused and their thoughts may tend to scatter, so in this sense it is important for them to listen to others more.

As they tend to be curious people, there may be enormous capacity to work in areas that transmit information, such as teaching or sales, for example. They can also have good craft skills and handle things well and precisely with their hands.

Having Mercury in the first house also deals with initiative and the way we express our goals and our reflections on the projects we would like to start. As it is a house that also deals with our physical appearance, this issue can become a constant focus of concern, with a lot of mental energy being used for this.

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