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Mercury in House 4 of the BirthChart

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mercury in 4th house

Usually, these people like to interact a lot with their family or with their circle of close and dear friends, making a point of knowing everything that is happening to all of them, sometimes out of concern, at other times because the preferred subject to discuss with friends is to talk about their own interactions, particularities and tastes.

This positioning suggests a fuller relationship of learning exchanges with their parents, facilitating contact with family members, the exchange of experiences and family moments. If Mercury is in contact with Mars or Uranus, discussions and tensions in the family environment may be more common; with Saturn, difficulties and demands in the home can make these people feel a little more misfit or overwhelmed by the obligations of the home. However, if Mercury is in contact with the Moon or Jupiter, this positioning may favor them whenever there are changes of residence.

They are people who position themselves and gain focus at home or in the places where they feel at home, in an intellectual and dynamic way, so they tend to prefer to work totally or partially in their own home. In some cases, they will do housework for pleasure or try to implement the home-office policy in the companies where they work.

Due to the large number of events within the home itself (or the environments where they feel at home), these people may occasionally live in a disorganized or messy space, so they need to declutter to keep things in order and perform such maintenance constantly.

The tendency is for them to enjoy thinking about their roots in a very nostalgic way. This configuration also arouses a certain interest in social services, history or mental development. Those who have this positioning usually express their opinions in a very patriotic or historically based manner, because the roots and the past of things tend to be important and relevant to these people.

Mercury in the House 4 can also cause people to frequently reproduce their parents' thoughts, because there is a strong hereditary family connection in this astrological house. Communication expresses a lot of their cultural heritage, making clear the relationship that people have with their traditions, memories and origins. The memory of people with this positioning tends to be very good. There may also be some concern, or at least periodic reflections, about the beginning and end of life.

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