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Moon in House 4 of the BirthChart

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The Moon in the House 4 suggests greater need for security, where people born with this aspect feel that to be safe, they need to put roots down firmly in terms of both their home and their relationships. They feel they need to belong somewhere, to circles of friends, work colleagues, family, etc. In this sense, their rearing may have played a fundamental role, as it is during this phase that they absorbed their values and created their roots.

Some people born with this aspect in their chart may even prefer to work at home or transform their office into an extension of their home, as such an approach can generate a greater sense of well-being. In addition, they may want to keep trinkets they won when they were still children, as it can be a little more difficult to break the emotional connection with objects. It can also be just as difficult to be able to readily adapt to more distant places, because the place where you were born and grew up will always have tremendous emotional appeal, just like the values passed on to you as a child. Moving away from your upbringing and your family may not be a very natural feeling, though throughout life this is something that needs to be overcome so that growth can take place and you can create your own identity, so you do not continue to think and act immaturely.

When you finally leave the nest, you can end up moving around a lot until you find a corner where you can feel good and safe. For as long as you are unable to cope with and balance the ties of the past, it becomes a little more complicated to fit into the world. You must always discover that, to feel good in other places and with other people who are not so close, security must come from within, and not only from what surrounds us, and it is necessary to break some ingrained molds to seek your individuality.

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