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Part of Fortune in House 4 of the BirthChart

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This positioning expands the importance of maintaining and caring for the roots and family ties, and is also an indication of luck for a good childhood, where acquired values and traditions can remain throughout life. A parent may be a very important figure in the native’s life, someone who is constantly supporting and caring. In the last phase of life, the home can be a safe haven and a place of great rejoicing. Cultivate a strong inner foundation from which you can bring all your efforts to life, for there are promises of joys involving blood or soul bonds.

With such a configuration, it is suggested not to completely abandon the steps of your previous generations, as you may find balance and satisfaction in following traditions and attracting benefits from them, such as management of possible businesses, real estate inheritance, and good organization of the family tree, especially if beneficial planets are conjoined. If there is no longer a family bond, it is interesting to replace it with your relationships, creating new ties.

You may be better able to feel good when you are able to protect and nurture, so being with your loved ones, taking care of your home, and feeling useful to your loved ones can bring good feelings.

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