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Mars in House 4 of the BirthChart

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mars in house 4 birth chart

The domination of Mars over this house can cause internal restlessness. Perhaps the early education one received may have been stricter and they may have had some conflicts at home, because the relationship with one’s family, especially with parents, can be more energetic. It is always worthwhile to go ahead and take the past as a lesson and just as a strengthening experience.

Such positioning can also make the person in question always want to have their way at home or take the lead in family decisions. They may also have more impetus for militancy, idolatry or even a propensity to be a more fanatical fan. In addition, if there are tense aspects involving this planet, the person in question must be more careful not to always be in confrontation with their family. Occasionally, conflicts may arise, besides in-family disputes. As far as possible, be kind, but do not let them pass over you all the time.

There may also be a tendency to want to separate from one's own family and traditions, going it alone and more independently, with the possibility of creating a new and different future. However, roots remain an important part of building a person's identity, as the house 4 deals with origins and values instilled by the first experiences at home.

The desire for security, the need to have a home for themselves, a place that will represent stability for these people and where they have a strong sense of belonging can occasionally be strengthened. Perhaps the person may be very demanding with those closest to them.

It is not advisable to run away from things that prove to be wrong or irritating during one’s life, as Mars may track them wherever they go. Thus, it is necessary to withdraw and try to understand why things get to the point that they do, how determined events have diverse origins: did you neglect to renovate your home? Have you or someone else been having selfish attitudes? Don't you know how to share space, responsibilities and assets?

Especially when activated, Mars tends to show everything that is worn out in your home, whether in the physical abode or in the family itself. Depending on the conditions of this planet and the fourth house of your birth chart, it is also possible to obtain some gains, such as the conquest of new real estate, especially if you fight for this purpose. Even so, Mars is not a docile planet, so it takes drive and courage to face the expenses that are part and parcel of things, for example.

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