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Saturn in Cancer in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Cancer is in exile and its energy can make individuals hesitate to show their emotional side, preferring to hide them internally. The family or the place where they feel they belong can be very important, which can make them give up other opportunities to look after their home. Usually, they have a strong bond with one of their parents, although they can find it difficult to express their affection. Life lessons include learning more empathy and the importance of responsibility.

Need for Safety

No matter how much they save up, they can feel as if it is never enough. Once they acknowledge this more rationally, they can make great progress with their self-confidence and sense of security. They tend to have good survival instincts and often know the best way to get out of a difficult situation. They need to remember that difficulties that present themselves can become opportunities.

Problems of the Past

Saturn in Cancer can bring their native melancholia. This is why some people can eventually get sad more often. There’s also a tendency to feel insecure, especially due to problems of the past. Due to the hypersensitivity brought by this positioning, emotional turbulences experienced as children tend to create some insecurities when they are older, making them want to create the love they feel was missing at certain times, be it when they were children or in the present. Actually, this is an attempt to overcome their insecurities and certain neediness.

Although they can hate to feel totally dependent on others, they have a constant need to feel loved and needed. On the other hand, they can try to build a wall around them to keep others at a distance. If that’s the case, self-acceptance will be a huge step towards a better life. Uncovering old fears and facing them retroactively helps overcome any issues for those who have this positioning under tension.

When they lack physical or emotional nurturing, they can have health problems. Hypersensitivity, inhibition, or their own emotional insecurities can contribute to this situation and need to be overcome if it comes along. Their home environment can play an important part in this process, as well as the positive aspects that can come from Saturn and Cancer that, if well managed and understood, can make people feel safer and in control.

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