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Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer in the Birth Chart

Mars in Cancer can trigger intense emotions beneath the surface. Therefore, when Mars is under tension, bad moods and emotional frustrations can be constant, especially if the moon is in more volatile signs. Cancerian sensitivity and empathy can become more intense in this position of Mars, and as Cancer involves energy that needs to be surrounded by security and stability, such feelings can lead to internalized anger, as well as provoke discussions and disagreements in domestic relationships. It may be that the relationship with the parents (or one of them) has greater potential for friction.

Dealing with almost antagonistic energies

Mars in the sign of Cancer is in retrograde, an essential weakness, that is, it is not the ideal place for the positioning of this planet, where it does not feel comfortable. Cancer is a more introspective, passive, yin energy, and Mars is the planet of action, courage and assertiveness. This can make those with this positioning always want to rule at home or take the lead in family decisions. They can also have more impetus for militancy, idolatry or being a fanatical fan. In addition, if there are tense aspects involving this planet, such people may always be in confrontation with their family.

There is antagonism between these forces, creating tension that can end up accumulating until it explodes, due to greater hesitancy as to just at what point one should have acted. When the person gets it off their chest, they can go into the emotional core of the other, usually in an untimely and disproportionately emotional way, long after they have accumulated and internalized periods of anger and hurt instead of releasing it on the spot.

The energy of Mars in the sign of Cancer can flow a little more complicated, especially if Mars is under tension. However, the same energy that amplifies such feelings, if used well, can be very beneficial in some areas. Such people can use this visceral energy to help in the construction, protection, defense, improvement and organization of their home, family environment and the lives of the loved ones who orbit them, with just a little balance and willpower sufficing. It is as if such people do not spare any effort to help their friends or whomever they consider part of the family, availing themselves of all the resources they have to do so.

Mars in Cancer when things get intimate - connection and sensitivity

Connecting with Mars in Cancer in an emotional way can lead to greater openness, in addition to being quite exciting for those who have this positioning. There must be an emotional connection in addition to the physical one. Sleeping and dreaming together with one’s partner is something that brings more fluidity, intimacy and increases the connection, so making the most of intimate moments in this way produces great results. Haste makes waste: eye contact, soft caresses and tender kisses are usually the key to a better use of these moments.

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