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Mercury in Cancer in the BirthChart

Mind influenced by deeply rooted emotional patterns. All the past tends to matter. Life experiences are important to establish these roots and feel more secure.

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Mercury in CancerTheir minds are influenced by deeply rooted emotional patterns. The whole past tends to be important. Life experiences are essential to create these roots and feel more secure. Unconscious desires can cause these people to observe some facts and ignore others, resulting in prejudice and interference with logical or objective reasoning.


Sometimes, if Mercury is stressed, these people can be false, albeit unconsciously, without realizing it. This positioning also indicates good memory due to the emotional intensity associated with the thoughts. There is also a tendency to absorb much information without realizing it. In fact, much of the mental process occurs at an unconscious level, and these people learn things even if they have not been paying much attention.


The subtlety of influences


Owing to the natural empathy associated with Cancer, people with their Mercury in this sign of the Zodiac can be easily influenced and more readily able to absorb the attitudes and opinions of those around them. Their thinking can be affected on the emotional side and in more everyday matters. With this positioning under tension, these people can become fervently religious or extremely nationalistic, for example, as they are liable to change their opinions constantly due to the influence of others. Because they can be pretty sensitive, they tend to believe that everything done or said in their environment is specifically aimed at them. Working on this tendency of theirs is essential for them to develop their own opinions and not feel that they are constantly a target for other people.


The home, the intimate life and the sense of belonging


Whoever has Mercury in Cancer in their natal chart can think a lot about their roots, as the desire for family ties is an inherited trait of Cancer. It does not necessarily have to involve actual bloodlines or next-of-kin; they want a sense of belonging to a family. They enjoy domestic and family tranquility. This position can also bring considerable skills in the business world. Household and food- and consumer-related matters, as well as real estate, are also favored.

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