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Uranus in Cancer in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Cancer: 1949 to 1956 | 2032 to 2039
Generations which tend to bring an emotional bias to their ideas and inventions, where traditional communication with loved ones is dynamically affected.

The last time Uranus went through Cancer, it brought about radical stimulating changes to traditional domestic life. Uranus is the planet of revolution and, when in Cancer, which is a sign based on family, roots, private life and intimacy, it tends to promote new interactions in the home front. In the 1950s’, for example, especially in places such as the US, we see a range of innovations, gadgets and domestic appliances being created to make our lives more practical and easier, with the refrigerator and other utensils becoming available, as well as the television being gradually introduced in everyone’s homes. Electromagnetic waves (Uranus) now come into the intimate familiarity of every home.

Birth Chart Interactions

An interesting curiosity: Growing up and developing, the last generation born when Uranus was in Cancer offered new ideas of freedom to the traditional concept of family, civil rights and individual freedom. They were disappointed and distressed about the way things were done so far and were more inclined to leave home earlier and get involved with less conventional ideals. They tend to have insights into new concepts of patriotism and new ways to relate to family and home.

Fleeting as the moon, Cancer’s mood, when combined with Uranus’ unpredictable streak, can cause a clash of methodologies, since Uranus is a relatively cold and distant planet, always encouraging logical, clear action, whilst Cancer is connected to intuition, emotion and care. At best, this positioning can improve imagination and memory in its natives and, at worst, mood fluctuations will be more constant occurrences.

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