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Neptune in Cancer in the BirthChart

Neptune stayed in Cancer from 1902 to 1915, further amplifying the traditionalist sentiments of the sign. Neptune in Cancer causes a greater connection with the patriotic spirit, nations, home and family.

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From 1902 to 1915...

Neptune in Cancer further amplified the traditionalist feelings of the sign, which valued roots and traditions. When Neptune was in Cancer, people were more connected to their nations, their patriotic spirit, their home and family. There was a risk of becoming overprotective of loved ones, or of cultivating pessimism because of the social situation in the world and the breakdown of structures and customs.

In the last passage of the planet through Cancer, from 1902 to 1915, intuition, empathy and feelings were highlighted, even influencing Freud’s psychoanalysis, the foundations of which had been set down in the previous period. There was a desire that permeated society, which was to have a home, a family. In addition, there was a need to have a safe haven due to the First World War, a fact that brought to light Cancer’s fear of seeing their way of life and their roots collapse.

Idealism, a sense of protection and patriotism made much of the world take up arms to defend their family, nation and the latter’s institutions and traditions. A good example that illustrates the importance of the family in this period was the creation of Mother’s Day, a tribute to the importance and struggle of mothers who stayed at home taking care of the family while their men went off to war.

The desire to take care of the family made people work and invest for their security and stability. Large-scale manufacturing industries were formed, such as Ford in the automotive industry, for example. It was a time of great growth of the capitalist economy, especially in the USA, where President Theodore Roosevelt strengthened the country’s commerce and industry, gaining foreign markets and beginning to exert economic dominance over other countries. In relationships there was more affinity and understanding, but with a tendency to exaggerate attachment due to the need to maintain affective ties.

Neptune in Cancer also conferred great power of imagination, which allowed the creation of new scenarios and experiences. Perhaps this helped the great scientist Albert Einstein publish the General Foundation of the Theory of Relativity in 1915, near the end of the last cycle of Neptune in Cancer.

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