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Midheaven in Cancer in the BirthChart

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This positioning provides a type of emotional support associated with these people's public image, guiding them to a path where they can support, protect and give a more emotional direction to their careers. Such people may be attracted to careers that offer security, where they appear less but can have a stable income (and good retirement benefits at the end of their careers). They tend to pursue their goals in a smooth yet active way.


This positioning suggests the importance of belonging to a group that can be recognized as theirs in corporate environments. It may be that such people even sacrifice part of their careers to care for or support others. Another possibility is to work on something that bears the family name, for example, reinforcing a tradition. Taking over a family business or working from home can be viable options.


Caring for children, teaching or counseling are also valid trends. In short, pursuing any activity where they can exercise some sense of patriotism, care or welcome in some manner and make something safe can make sense to these people. 


These people may also have an inner need to be taken seriously and be respected. Internal doubts and fears about lack of security or uncertain recognition can make them very relentless, severe or inflexible. This can turn them into irritating spouses, aggressive parents, or bosses who manipulate or are never satisfied. When distorted through a fearful Cancer in Midheaven, Capricorn's materialism can become very intrusive, putting these people always on the defensive.


Sometimes, it may be necessary to learn not to suffocate people or to get rid of material prisons. The individual must face directly the essence of Capricorn forces that move them in their psychological base, and they should always take care of people without trying to dominate them. That way, they can incorporate the noblest potentials of their energy, becoming a universal caregiver.

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