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Jupiter in House 8 of the BirthChart

Check out Astrolink and understand what Jupiter in the 8th house represents in your birth chart, how it influences your life and use it to your advantage.

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The eighth house carries an evil content, and, consequently, it can lead some Jupiter affairs eventually to destruction: a hope, a trip, a course, a belief and so on, but that will depend on the other planets at stake. Either way, having Jupiter in this sector of the chart can help with good crisis resolution. Jupiter, at least, indicates healing through the strength of the spirit and luck, presenting ways out of what seems to have no end, where traumas and fears can be overcome.

People with this position tend to create good connections with people, establishing relationships of mutual trust more easily. You get a chance to help people in ways that are not so obvious. The chances of financial gains through mergers, banks, business deals, tax refunds, and inheritances throughout life, as well as investments with other people’s capital also increase. Part of your life path involves stripping and revealing the secret realities of things more easily. In other words, the business world, for example, may be easy for you to understand, a stroke of luck from Jupiter that should always be taken advantage of.

Overall, Jupiter in this house favors inheritance gains and benefits that come through other people’s money, such as the finances of the spouse, contracts, and clients. It is positive for those who work in commerce or want to sell something valuable, for example, but not so productive for those in other trades.

Having Jupiter in House 8 can also bring greater sexual energy, where the person may be more fortunate in finding partners to gain intimacy. The power of persuasion and influence over others also becomes more relevant, and you must use these attributes with prudence and responsibility. Natives can use certain mental energy to access subconscious psychic abilities and can use them to help people if they so choose, something like a kind of psychological investigator, who digs deep to find the problem.

You may also be a more emotionally oriented individual; in which case it is always good to look before you leap. If Jupiter is under stress, you must beware of poorer judgment, extravagance, or a desire to exploit and control others. You also tend to have excellent regenerative power, being able to pick yourself up stronger after any crises, falls or misfortunes in life.

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