Jupiter Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius in the Birth Chart

Those who are born under the influence of Jupiter in Aquarius tend to enjoy interacting with people of all classes, races, or creeds, without much distinction or prejudice. For them, moral, social, and philosophical values must be impartial and democratic, that is, everyone does not need to live the same lifestyle or have the same values. If there is respect, tolerance, and collaboration, everyone can live together.

They tend to be more tolerant and understanding, recognizing in an easier way that everyone has their place in the world and that there are lessons to be learned in all positions. They also tend to think that each person has valuable contributions to make to society and that it is the existing differences that make such a rich and complex world.

For this reason, they generally do not trust laws and attitudes that promote segregation or exacerbated nationalism. The tendency is to feel more secure and confident when they are rebelling against any irrational authority, doing something not very conventional, or even inventing something.

Do good for its own sake

People with Jupiter in Aquarius are more likely to be involved in philanthropic activities aimed at helping others. Futuristic-themed things tend to get their attention. They are more advanced and liberal, accepting and integrating new ideas more easily. They may even become pioneers of new philosophical and social concepts. We can find leaders and social reformers from humanitarian organizations with Jupiter in Aquarius.

When this position is under tension due to some aspect, people can become more indifferent and fickler with friends or groups they attend. Another consequence is to adopt revolutionary concepts and impractical and unreal causes, which ignore discipline and responsibility. Balancing disharmonious influences is the key to being able to spread the good they have inside them, always trying to improve the lives of everyone around them.

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