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Jupiter in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

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Jupiter in SagittariusOne of the main interests of those who have Jupiter in Sagittarius is superior knowledge. Subjects such as philosophy or religion, education, and foreign cultures make a lot of sense and are appreciated. If they have money, they can make long and distant trips. They need to surround themselves with exciting things and interesting people, so there is a greater desire to travel and meet new people and places. There is a more significant intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge in this position.


Code of conduct


Possible involvement with everything related to social thinking can make one choose a philosophy or a system of thoughts and beliefs that will shape one's life. That is why those born with this position can adhere to some religious beliefs. They can also adopt ideologies such as Freudian psychoanalysis or similar ones.


In other words, those with Jupiter in Sagittarius tend to choose the thought system that will govern their conduct and how they see life. This is the kind of attitude that can earn a person the respect and admiration of others in many situations. When they develop their code of conduct, they feel safer acting more widely in society.


I think and question


This positioning influences natives to want to know the nature of human consciousness, what the other expects from life and what is behind the physical manifestation and the evolutionary process. They want to share their thinking with others when they find and live in communion with their philosophical values. They may even want to convince them to adopt their way of thinking.


As thinkers, they will reshape their thoughts and standards according to their ethics and everything they have learned in their home environment. There is also an interest in understanding history through social and philosophical ideals. When Jupiter in Sagittarius is stressed on the chart, people may not accept the opinions of others very easily. Worse, they can expect their opinion to be accepted without disagreement. Therefore, they may eventually become presumptuous or selfish if they do not reflect on this conduct.


Jupiter in Sagittarius is at home, in the sign of its ruler, feeling quite comfortable, inspiring justice and ethical behavior.

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