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MarsMars in House 12 of the BirthChart

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Such positioning of Mars may make people thus born also internalize and repress their anger a little more, such that the anger tends to burn under the surface until it eventually explodes, indicating an aggressive passive state.

Since Mars is able to agitate certain processes of the unconscious that, over time (and especially when the star is activated by some tense transit), tend to get more agitated, like an ocean during a strong storm, constantly knocking down the boats that dare to sail through stormy waters. Their task will thus be to learn to take the helm and to manage their boat so that it does not suffer damage, or even worse, sink.

They must avoid things that negatively affect their soul, such as certain destructive places and habits, and they must always beware of more voracious enemies that act like wolves in sheep's clothing, secret enemies that may occasionally use slander as a weapon (like, for example, a smiling neighbor who defames people behind their backs). The deal is to seek protection and more cheerful, dynamic activities and preferably accompanied by well-resolved people.

This influence also tends to make people born with this positioning act in secret more often, and these are good moments for reflection on any subject. Often, those who have this positioning can live their lives linked to a certain escapism, with a greater impetus to escape from reality itself. Therefore, a more realistic analysis of themselves and the world around them is important.

They can use their own experience or even personal trials to achieve a greater understanding of things, which will make them excel in healing professions or even making important discoveries, acting on behalf of people as a whole and aiming for the greater, impersonal good. Who knows, they could be a good doctor or psychiatrist, or even deal more naturally with establishments like hospitals or prisons.

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