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MarsMars in House 8 of the BirthChart

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This positioning of Mars that can influence those with this aspect in their natal chart to be a little more passionate about discoveries and research, with a certain tendency to do this professionally, as scientist, detective or any other activity where they need to dig deep to discover hidden, strange or unknown things.

They may also want to keep their resources separate and independent from their partner, either one’s spouse or business partner, as they may have a little more difficulty in establishing a relationship of mutual trust. On the other hand, they can put a lot of energy into working with other people's wealth and achieve success in business, especially when it involves stocks or other types of capital.

They can feel more comfortable making quick decisions and acting on instinct, and this can be beneficial in a variety of situations. However, it can cause problems in others, such as the use of credit cards, for example, if they are unable to resist impulses and must satisfy their immediate needs. The ideal is always to learn to control their own desires, passions and animal or instinctive natures, since they can carry a multitude of belligerent feelings within them, which they often may not be able to fully interpret and understand.

Special attention must be paid, throughout their lives, to wasting resources, occasional tantrums, problems that arise suddenly, damage to other people's assets, conflicts involving inheritances, disputes over pensions and so on.

Extra care should also be taken with investments and purchases; they need to think and plan well to avoid the scattering of their resources; above all, they must be responsible with the belongings of others, always learning to respect what was built by the hands of others. This is because we do not always realize the struggle that each one had to wage to get where they got to.

Power is an important issue, which can be a risk or an advantage, considering that the house 8 brings a great load of controlling and internalized energy; if those born with this placement do not know how to deal with their own personality, they allow power to go to their heads.

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