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Mars in House 9 of the BirthChart

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The ninth house is one of the most auspicious placements for Mars. Here, the Warlord can take the those born with this placement on far-away and even preferably lonely and courageous journeys. Do not be afraid to risk it: The house 9 represents both physical travel and spirituality, at the expense of our horizons and, for that, there is nothing better than for them to develop themselves by exploring new worlds.

It can also represent greater dynamics in studies, with a tendency to break courses, excessive ideological fights, conflicts with teachers and priests and some problems in churches and universities. If there are good aspects with the placement of Mars, it can be a very productive positioning for the defense of ideas and projects, allowing one to advance in a field commanded by a more rooted and conservative system of thought.

Having Mars in this sector points to fierce competition, but if it is quite dignified, the planet gives one a greater chance of winning through bold ideas that tend to lead to success.

People born with this placement in their natal charts can dedicate more energy to learning, mainly languages, cultures, knowledge of a spiritual, philosophical or advanced nature in general. They tend to be more enthusiastic and argumentative when they get involved in discussions. They may also have a desire to explore distant or unknown places to learn and acquire knowledge, although this can be done through research on the Internet as well, as there is the potential to give more importance to academics or historians in general.

The person in question may be the type that sometimes challenges themselves to go to distant places to broaden their own horizons. If they offered a chance to take a space trip, for example, people born in this positioning are probably more likely to accept it, especially if the sign where Mars is positioned also helps.

The trend is for these people to be inclined in a somewhat liberal philosophical direction, though they become more intolerant when someone challenges them and loves a debate.

Having Mars in this sector also suggests a certain enthusiasm and restlessness. People born with this aspect must pay attention to religious, ideological or philosophical zeal so that this does not turn into fanaticism. They tend to like giving strong opinions and expressing them in practice to anyone who wants to see them, even if they often do not agree with the group thinking.

They will usually fight for their own convictions, although they must take care with a tendency to believe that they are always right. It is necessary for them to try to open their eyes to the broader pattern, to finally discover the real meaning of the actions they propose to undertake.

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