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Mars in Aquarius in the BirthChart

Mars in Aquarius tends to arouse a strong desire for independence in your attitudes. That´s why people with this placement generally like to do things their way. The reformist trend may have more evidence.

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The trend for those with Mars in Aquarius is the arousal of a strong desire for independence in their attitudes. Therefore, people with this positioning generally like to do things their way. Their reformist tendency may be more evident, so traditional methods can be left out. In other words, traditions are only maintained to the extent that they are really essential, in part because these people do not usually accept authoritarian guidance.

In this case, the so-called Aquarian rebelliousness can take the field, causing those with this placement (Mars in Aquarius) to defend the principles they believe in with tooth and nail, rejecting more outdated methods and ways of doing things and preferring to find a new way, a new way forward.

This behavior can have different consequences, as the result of their actions may or may not be constructive. If Mars is under a lot of tension, the desire may be to destroy the established order rather than improve it. Many revolutionaries have Mars in Aquarius. Learning to act together with friends and groups will be a great challenge, as they will need to be more flexible in their ideals.

If the energy of Mars in the sign of Aquarius is well channeled, the tendency is for the person to dedicate themselves to volunteer work. They may also be interested in the scientific field, especially if it revolves around inventions and new creations. Therefore, the areas of electronics, mechanics and engineering are very suitable for those who have this positioning. Joint work can be more powerful than individual efforts, as Aquarius interacts well in groups. For Mars in Aquarius, generally speaking "there is strength in unity".

Energy levels are high with Mars in Aquarius, although they can be erratic at times, coming in waves. Thus, people with this placement can become impatient or fickle in the search for their desires, especially if other astrological bases do not balance this trend. Even with their possible inconstancy, they usually respond well to emergency situations, as Aquarius likes to overcome difficulties.

Mars in Aquarius when things get intimate: exploring the possibilities

Air signs can be the most versatile people in the Zodiac in moments of intimacy. The tendency of people with Mars in Aquarius is to want to try new ways, concepts and to experiment a lot with the limits of love, inspiring a unique dynamism in those moments alone with their partner and having a more open mind to the different possibilities, together.

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