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Mars in Capricorn in the BirthChart

With Mars in Capricorn, personal attitude is more likely to be channeled into gaining recognition for your actions. In this way, they organize and calculate each step of what they do, as they believe that they will obtain more concrete results.

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Mars in CapricornWith Mars in Capricorn, the personal attitude is more likely to be channeled into the professional area, as those with this placement tend to want a certain amount of recognition for their actions. Accordingly, they organize and calculate each step of what they do, as they believe that this way, they will obtain more concrete results and achieve professional progress and success. Those who have this positioning feel that their material needs will come from their professional success. It is a good positioning for politicians, executives or anyone looking for positions of control and top-echelon jobs.

With Mars under stress, some human values can be somewhat overlooked if ambition speaks louder. Natives influenced by the Mars tension caused by some aspect with another planet may have the urge to use others as resources to complete their goals. Because of this behavior, they can sometimes be labeled as selfish, materialistic or calculating.

Practicality and Efficiency

Capricorn represents energy well aligned with the organizational and disciplinary side of life. When Mars is in Capricorn, this energy is used in a more practical and efficient way in personal attitudes, so whoever has this positioning ends up emphasizing the practical, organizational and efficiency aspects of what they do. That is, unlike those who have Mars in Aries (which means acting directly and quickly), and Mars in Scorpio (which means emotional intensity in actions), whoever has Mars in Capricorn acts in a more cautious, structured, efficient and pragmatic way.

Self-control and obedience to rules and hierarchies generally influence the behavior of those who have Mars in Capricorn. Thus, people with this placement are able to take orders and execute them, but they also expect those under their authority to have the same discipline and obedience. They feel proud when they perform their work correctly and they show disdain for laziness, recklessness, lack of balance and ambition. These characteristics can be extended to the way they raise their children, where they want them to work as hard as they do and achieve their goals. In other words, success.

Mars in Capricorn when things get intimate: patience and persistence

With their ability to maintain their performance for long periods of time, this positioning can lead to longer periods in bed without any need for a full rest. Like other Earth signs, their desire may increase gradually, so quick and immediate seductions may not have much appeal. Once the engines are turned on, however, the games can last for substantial periods, and they know what to do.


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