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Mars in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

Individuals with Mars in Sagittarius tend to be more friendly, optimistic, outgoing, enthusiastic, and independent in their actions. As Sagittarius is always looking for new ideas and adventures, obtaining and disseminating knowledge is a trend.

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Mars in Sagittarius Individuals with their Mars in Sagittarius tend to be more friendly, optimistic, expansive, enthusiastic and independent in their actions. As Sagittarius always searches for new ideas and adventures, obtaining and disseminating knowledge is a tendency for those who have this positioning. It can also bring a certain tendency to exaggeration, acting and taking more exaggerated and expansive attitudes. For this reason, a good tip is to be more careful not to lose focus by traveling too much, thus ignoring the most immediate needs and acting without due responsibility and prudence.

There is usually a healthy dose of justice and wisdom in their actions. On the other hand, this can make people become presumptuous about what they know, that is, if they do not hold back, they can become petulant and even adopt extreme attitudes. Therefore, it is possible for them to carry out acts involving religious, political or philosophical fanaticism.

In general, those with Mars in Sagittarius have a more entrepreneurial and idealistic energy. They are always planning a new venture or project and following a bright and distant star.

If I believe, you do too!

Having strong convictions is part of the Sagittarius energy. If Mars is in Sagittarius, people with this positioning often embrace the causes they advocate and try to convert others to their own beliefs, truths or ideologies. So much determination to maintain their positions can get them involved in more heated and demonstrative discussions. Debating, fighting and arguing with someone with this positioning is synonymous with hearing truths that are sincere and straightforward.

One has to be careful just not to become intolerant, not giving due attention and respect to the opinions of others. With Mars under the stress of some aspect, the person may speak sarcastically and without much diplomacy in the expression of opinions, showing a certain inability to consider the opinions of others.

The struggle for what they believe in is usually fierce, however this does not mean that they can use unfair tactics to achieve what they desire; on the contrary, the tendency is to exaggerate sincerity. If the rules of the game are in their favor, chances are good that they will use them for their own benefit.

Mars in Sagittarius when things get intimate: joy is an aphrodisiac

Laughter can be the best medicine, and in the case of Mars in Sagittarius it can also be the best aphrodisiac. While other people may be offended if the person starts to play when things get nice and intimate, this positioning can lead to moments of pure fun in an intimate relationship, renewing the partner's enthusiasm. People with this placement tend to show more courage in such moments, usually filled with adventure, as if the person is ready for everything. The tendency is to have a great appetite when it comes to the arts of love.


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