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Mercury in House 10 of the BirthChart

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Mercury in this sector favors the relationships we make with the people around us for the sake of our career. In other words, this planet thus intensifies such relationships, making them great points of intersection and learning for all those who relate to these people. Any type of exchange, be it as regards information or knowledge, is beneficial for personal and professional growth.

These people tend to have a more natural gift for dealing with public life than most, and such results of this as fame, social influence, authority and public esteem are some of the points that validate their attempts to achieve their objectives.

Such positioning can influence these people to be intellectually more productive, proactive and with more tools to deal with obstacles in their careers and public lives. Professional skills tend to stand out noticeably and everything that is done in the professional field will reverberate in their relationships and in the manner in which society views them. There, a good tip for them is to always try to look like a more dynamic and resourceful person. Younger people may ask for the help of these people if they give the impression of being good counselors.

They tend to think a lot about their own career and public image, enjoying listening and talking about how to succeed in these areas of life. The primary line of thought of those with this positioning is about "what is good for one's career" or "what is publicly attractive?" A lot of mental energy can be spent on one's reputation and this ends up generating a constant concern with the person's public image.

Despite this potential greater need for achievement, these people tend to be very committed and perform their social duties, with a tendency to know exactly what they want and what to do to achieve their goals. Furthermore, they may also find it easier to adapt mentally to the prerogatives of any authority and flatter the taste of people in a top-echelon position, causing them to win over the admiration of those who are higher up than them.

Hierarchy is a little more important and people in higher positions can receive more attention because those with this positioning in their charts generally have more ambition and aspires to rise to a higher position in life, even if unconsciously. Mental qualities contribute to the achievement of this rise, opening paths to success in such functions as entrepreneurs, in positions of authority or as governors in general.

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