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MercuryMercury in House 12 of the BirthChart

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The House 12 of the zodiac is the home of spirituality and contact with the ethereal world, but also of fears and very internalized processes. Accordingly, contact with the astral plane can become more evident, dreams can be more common, and their unconscious can send them messages through intuition and meditation.

By positioning itself in this house, Mercury can also make logical and rational thinking more attenuated, which favors abstract works to the detriment of practicality and efficiency of things. It can also intensify idealism, dreams and escapism, as well as facilitate contact with the arts and music, adding to this type of learning and making them view things quite differently, that is to say, through alternative prisms.

Sensitivity and fragility may slightly impair the logic and rationality required by Mercury, making communication more difficult to establish. Others may not understand very well what these people want to express - or the message may occasionally strike others as garbled. Hidden and behind-the-scenes issues also gain focus. These people may have the desire to think and talk about altruistic attitudes towards others and be interested in researching things that are yet to be discovered or revealed.

They generally believe in the success of large impersonal institutions, where people work to serve others instead of working only for their own benefit or just for profit. Thinking and talking about grandiose ideas of a universal nature or more modest ideas may have more appeal to them.

This positioning also increases the chances of these people being occasionally involved with secrets, with charitable work or at least reflecting on the latter, as they can be a good person to manage such works or get involved with philanthropy in general. The reflexive qualities of these people tend to be internalized, tuned inwards, to seek answers to “why” and “what for” of some distressing and unconscious conditions of life as they can instinctively identify themselves with possible victims of social injustices.

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