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Mercury in House 5 of the BirthChart

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With Mercury’s modulating energy in this area of life, it is possible that these people may emphatically grant priority to the rational and logical part of their search for pleasure and fun, listening more to their reason than their emotion. Since this is a house that also represents part of our search for security, it becomes more possible to act in a much more mechanical way in relation to the repetition of patterns that make us feel good.

Interest in knowing and verbalizing things related to pleasure, sex, flirting, creations, creativity, games and entertainment in general can be increased in the case of people with this positioning of Mercury, as thoughts and the very manner of communicating can be more aligned to things that are pleasant and creative, with a certain eloquence in their speech.

The minds of the people who have Mercury in their House 5 can always be more interested in different things, and this makes life itself (and the lives of the people around them) always livelier or full of new things. Perhaps these people like to tell and hear jokes, for example, or to express themselves in a warmer manner.

When they are in love, they tend to find it more difficult to think or talk about anything other than that, as there can be a great mental connection with the person that they are passionate about. This generates the need to have long and stimulating discussions, conversations or debates with the loved one (or about the loved one). They may also have speaking skills, and may be good lecturers as well, not to mention their normally good ability to communicate with children and deal with their education.

Contact with children can be more customary and even pleasurable, as they will be able to teach these people to look at life with a more innocent and perhaps less rigid look than them, allowing for possible behavioral changes, especially if they are in the habit of getting on their own case for things for which they themselves are not responsible.

Although the mental aspect is aligned to a place of creativity in their birth chart, such as the House 5, people with this positioning generally tend to shy away from great and stifling responsibilities, as they tend to get happier when they are having a life that is free and permits much more bliss. This positioning can generate a great need to always be creating and producing new things, by simple innovation, but mainly because the mind is stimulated by risk. It is not for nothing that they can have a certain appreciation for all types of games, bets or speculative situations.

If Mercury is in contact with Neptune, great care must be taken with the excessive pursuit of worldly pleasures, such as drinks and other drugs, since in that case, there may be greater incentive to the relentless pursuit of escapism as a way of skirting responsibilities. A good tip for them is to police themselves, though at the same time letting the child within them speak so that life can be lived in a lighter way, without them or others getting on their case.

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