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Mercury in House 6 of the BirthChart

Check out Astrolink and understand what Mercury in the 6th house represents in your birth chart, how it influences your life and use it to your advantage.

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mercury in house 6

Mercury does very well in this house, as here the planet finds its second natural ruling in it and intellectually demands a bit more from people with this positioning. Being flexible and engaging in analytical thinking are the keys for people with this positioning to be successful. There may be more dedication in the logical application of their reasoning in everyday life, something that can be of great help in dealing with the small contingencies of everyday life in an efficient and rational way.

As this sector also represents one’s co-workers, there is an increase in communication and socialization between them and the people they commonly hang out with in their professional environment, and there can be a good deal of exchange and learning, where communications and the narrowing of existing distances can always make it possible to take advantage of professional opportunities.

It becomes more important for these people to be mentally stimulated, having the freedom to talk about a variety of subjects and having space to express themselves through writing and speaking, usually focusing on different improvements of the things and tasks that they think are timely or necessary. They gain more chances of obtaining a greater ability to multitask, solving and thinking about several things at the same time and always talking about what happened at work or what they did for someone, explaining about how they created or improved some process, how their criticism was constructive and so on. Taking care of the health (of your own body and mind or those of others) may also be something in common for such people.

They also tend to be useful people and have a talent for collecting and classifying various things in detail. If boredom happens in their daily life, it may not be very well tolerated and the lack of new things can generate less appreciation for the job. On this issue, it is important for them to try to change the situation before they decide to switch jobs, or in case a switch does happen, they must evaluate all positive and negative points so as not to be disappointed too late after these occasional moments of discontent.

Despite this, organization, enhancements and efficiency are matters that can permeate their minds more. It is important for them to avoid nervous tension due to increased concerns, as people with this positioning can always be thinking about discipline and routine. A good escape valve for these problems can be the use of free time to care for some domestic animal, which will also assist in a rich emotional exchange.

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