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Mercury in House 8 of the BirthChart

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With Mercury positioned in this house, some periods of difficulty in expressing what these people think or feel can occasionally surface, hindering logical thinking. Such a positioning of Mercury can also facilitate immersion in certain types of teaching, hidden philosophical concerns or in-depth studies, where studies can be more focused and research is evidenced, making these people feel more affinity with these subjects, or at least more curious.

The characteristic intensity of this positioning sometimes tends to reach the extremes of thought, where these people can communicate with more intensity, but may prefer not to reveal everything they think. They tend to lose themselves deeply in hidden or repressed thoughts, sometimes bringing them to the moon of consciousness and thereby gaining more understanding of themselves.

They also tend to show a little more self-control. At the same time, this positioning shows concern when it comes to mutual trust in relation to other people. The concept of power tends to be very important to these people.

Studies into the occult side of things can also be attractive. Such a positioning can easily make those born with this aspect in their charts good at perceiving the weaknesses and hidden thoughts of others. They also tend to handle other people's money well, which can mean a certain aptitude for business involving the use of the capital of others to make money. In addition, one point of concern is their relationship with banks, the control of taxes and loans.

They also tend to engage in extraordinary mental activity in times of crisis or emergency; moreover, they can normally draw on their greater insight in areas that are beyond ordinary experience. Occasionally, insights can occur where the mind collects stimuli from a state of consciousness that is beyond the limits of the common notion of time and space, as in an astral projection for example. Sexuality also tends to occupy a lot of space in their minds, because it represents a degree of fusion, intensity and fundamental transcendence for people with this positioning of Mercury.

Attention should be paid, however, to robberies or thefts throughout their lives, as Mercury is the natural planet of thieves and the House 8 is the one of losses - especially those of the financial kind. On a deeper level, the House 8 deals with the tremendous transformations that we make in our lives so that we can be reborn as new beings; therefore, this positioning of Mercury denotes ongoing and occasionally profound and regenerating changes in the way we think about and assimilate the processes that occur in our lives.

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