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Mercury in House 9 of the BirthChart

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mercury in house 9

Here, Mercury finds itself is at a disadvantage, that is, it does not perform as well as it could. Thus, we can understand that, since this sector governs higher education, for example, occasionally such studies may be out of date and these people may encounter difficulty in focusing on the things that really matter so that what they have been taught is absorbed.

On the other hand, Mercury favors the understandings that make us reappraise our belief system and generate awareness. However, they must be careful what they focus on: they must always keep a goal in mind and persist until they reach it, without falling into the trap of wanting to learn everything at once or reappraising one’s principles without first having in mind everything that needs to be changed.

These people tend to communicate in a more intellectual way, seeking continuous knowledge as they find it inspiring and useful. Knowledge transcends science and is also stimulated by subjects such as philosophy, theology and/or parapsychology. Those with this positioning can give grant priority to philosophy, nurturing mental processes that seek to understand the meaning of things in a more profound and comprehensive way.

Mercury in this house also favors journeys to other countries or trips that are chiefly made for studies, whether they are at a university in another country or some language course. It is also conducive for these people to take new apprenticeship courses as well as to remember, categorize and use such information over time. Knowing and learning a new language, for example, can fascinate those born with this positioning, because the logical and rational mechanisms of the brain work well based on the understanding of any language that they want to study. Now, knowing if they will in fact be able to learn more easily is something that depends on other factors and aspects.

They may have a peculiar taste for travel and other cultures, to expand their awareness and knowledge. In fact, expansion of their consciousness can always be a recurring issue, as can the search for higher truth which, for people with this positioning, usually means something logical and consistent with their experience and intuition.

This position particularly favors intellectual goals in all areas of higher education dealing with principles, codes of thought, astrology and other forms of academic, advanced or legislative knowledge. They have a lot of affinity with principles of law, because they tend to care a lot about collective thinking.

There may also be a recurring concern about the way they appear in public; that is to say, they always want to present themselves as very sensible people. Two groups that can gain evidence with this positioning or receive a lot of attention and interaction in the lives of these people are: the family of the person with whom they relate; and the relationship with in-laws, without any blood of next-of-kin ties.

Since for ancient astrologers this is considered the "House of God", having Mercury, in its capacity as the messenger between Heaven and Earth, in this sector favors contact with the divine, with the universe or with the God of one’s religion, as well with different philosophies of life.

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