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Mercury in Capricorn indicates a mind that is ambitious, insightful, practical, organized, and concerned with attaining status through material achievements. They usually have great concentration and good organization.

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People with Mercury in Capricorn tend to have a mind that is ambitious, insightful, practical, organized, and concerned with gaining status through material achievement. They usually have great concentration and good organizational ability, being more methodical in their thoughts and attitudes and possessing the ability to do one thing at a time with dedication.

While their reasoning process is meticulous, they are not necessarily the most original people. Their patience and discipline can result in their being skilled at math, which can be used in business or science. Having Mercury in this sign can also lead these people to having good administrative skills.

Taking care of their ambitions

Because they have keen perception, everything practical is on the radar of people with Mercury in Capricorn. However, there is a danger that their seriousness and mental discipline will make them inflexible and affect their mood (they get too serious!).

If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, material ambition can lead to greed and a tendency to use people to achieve their goals. That is, the pursuit of status can cause them to be inconsiderate of others. They end up worrying more about what they can get.

Since Capricorn (as well as Virgo) is an Earth sign, people with Mercury in this position tend to consider that only ideas with practical value are important. That is, individuals with this positioning are more realistic than idealistic in approaching their goals. They tend to consider things for what they are and are not easily deceived.

Capricorn energy gives one the strength to overcome any obstacle. When combined with their life experience, it makes them pursue what they want securely and efficiently. However, perhaps they need to reflect more whether actually “the ends justify the means”.

Respect for tradition

Individuals with Mercury in Capricorn often go through traditional education processes as a means of achieving their professional goals and improving their financial and social status. Their political and social ideas are generally more conservative, and they tend to defend the established order. They respect beliefs and traditions that have proven their usefulness over time.

Therefore, they tend to cultivate discipline, order and authority and understand more readily that it is necessary to respect a social structure by living in an organized and responsible manner.

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