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Mercury in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

Mercury in Sagittarius indicates a mind concerned with encoding the mind at a broader level, whether in the form of greater spirituality, religion, philosophy, or other higher aspects of the human being.

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Mercury in SagittariusMercury in Sagittarius indicates a mind concerned with encoding the brain at a broader level, whether in the form of greater spirituality, religion, philosophy, or other higher aspects of human beings. In Sagittarius, Mercury is in the sign of its opposite number and manifests itself with more significant concern for attitudes than facts.


The result of this is often constructive, providing a clearer understanding of people’s social motivations and actions. Even so, people with this positioning may not perceive the truth if they do not pay sufficient attention to the detailed information that is the basis of all logical thinking. We must remember that Sagittarius opposes Gemini and at a 90º angle to Virgo, the signs ruled by Mercury.


While it is not an illogical position to be far from one’s home, it just does not make one propensity to worry about very trivial things, with the banalities that most people with different positions focus on in their daily lives. In fact, it is an excellent placement for Mercury that makes those with this position in their charts see the big picture of things, as well as making them communicate with a more significant amount of honesty and good humor.


Indeed, people with this positioning in their charts can have almost prophetic insights. This is because their concern with attitudes allows them to understand the information that will be important to everyone. In this way, they can almost foresee a “collective destiny.”


I speak what I think

With this Mercury position, speech is straightforward. They usually say exactly what they think about something. They demand intellectual freedom, but their ideas rarely diverge from traditional concepts or current social morals. Thus, they are generally respected people in the community.

But suppose social conformism is taken too far. In that case, it can lead to hypocrisy, as their moral standards are no better than other socially acceptable norms. Eventually, they realize that an attitude is only sometimes right simply because it is popular or prevailing. At this point, their conformism may end, and a deeper awareness may come to the forefront.


Intellectual authority

Individuals with this position often wish to enter institutions of higher learning or social control. It is common to see them in universities, churches, philosophical societies and government agencies. Their goal is to gain intellectual authority.

They like to consider themselves examples of conscience and truth. But whether they are or not depends on the aspects involved with Mercury and their life experience. They tend to preach sermons and give extensive opinions about things they consider obvious to themselves, but that may need to be clarified to others. With that, they run the risk of becoming pretentious in the eyes of other people.


Sometimes, there is a preoccupation with distant goals and higher ideals, leading to those with this positioning needing to realize what is under their noses. As understanding and tolerance are characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius, people with this position in their chart must learn that they are not always the owners of the truth. It is necessary to at least listen to people more or teach more gently or effectively.

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