Moon at House 10

About the Moon at House 10 in the Birth Chart

Having your Moon in the House 10 means that you are more concerned about your personal image, what others think and expect of you. Because of this, your dedication to work takes precedent over your personal life, which can influence relationships and make it difficult to structure a home and family, even though your heightened sense of responsibility makes you care for those who are close to you, even if this is expressed in a colder manner. A little bit of feeling and attention may be lacking, since you aim more at your career, but you try to make sure that nothing else is missing.

Being recognized professionally is an important pillar for personal security, so it is not uncommon for you to change goals, or switch jobs until you find your calling where you can achieve all the expectations and status you want. Nor do you take well to playing second fiddle, as being in command can bring some emotional satisfaction. The problem is that you keep pursuing ambitions that you think are your own, but in fact they are expectations that friends and family project. You need to follow more your own true desires, which are often buried deep inside, or even when you reach a certain level of recognition, you will not feel fulfilled. There is a desire to serve the public that can be better taken advantage of, as can your ability to know what others want. Together with your socially recognized charm, working in some activity dealing with the public can be ideal.

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