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Moon in House 12 of the BirthChart

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The Moon in the House 12 brings more sensitivity to transcendental issues, though absorbing so many emotions and feelings through your empathy can drain your energies. Therefore, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries, finding ways to get away for a necessary dive inside yourself to reflect and try to understand what it is precisely that you are feeling. A relaxing trip, meditation, or even practicing yoga and the like can be good alternatives.

However, even though this need is valid, it cannot become a frequent routine, as it can bring feelings of isolation, so that you may wind up feeling alone and ignored. There is also the risk of leaving your responsibilities in the background. To vent your compassionate sense, you can carry out social work or be involved in charities, hospitals or any other place where you can help others out.

You may prefer not to have so much contact with the public, acting more behind the scenes through fundraising, donations or some administrative work, helping the needy and getting even closer to spiritual elevation. However, you need to be careful with people who just want to take advantage of your goodwill.

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