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Moon in House 5 of the BirthChart

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People with their Moon in the House 5 tend to have a more youthful, honest and playful spirit, as they usually seek entertainment to nourish and stabilize their emotions. Therefore, even as an adult, you can continue to be a child at heart, which is why you tend to get along with them a little better and enjoy their company when it comes to activities and games.

Your emotions too can also remain the same as when you were a child. Thus, your casual relationships tend to be more sentimental, with variations in temperament on your part. If so, you must seek personal growth to achieve greater internal balance, or your relationships will never satisfy you.

Such growth also serves to prune certain childish whims such as irresponsibility with expenditures and obligations, impulsiveness and excessive drama. As you tend to feel an unconscious need to be the center of attention, you can get into careers such as theater, other forms of entertainment, art and education, where you feel important and can express your emotions and creativity, so as to attract public recognition.

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