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Moon in House 9 of the BirthChart

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Having one’s Moon in the House 9 brings a greater need for intellectual stimulation, making the person nurture a greater interest in hobbies, knowledge in general and expanding their horizons, going beyond the ordinary. You are not content with boring routines and the emotional emphasis is placed on the higher mind and the dimensions of philosophy, where those with this positioning need to be in contact with other people and other cultures and to absorb knowledge to broaden your worldview. When you are stuck somewhere, without prospects, feelings of frustration can soon hit and the desire to flee far away increases.

The problem is that when you want to move forward, you end up not developing the full potential of the things you have now, be it your studies, your work, a relationship, etc. There you get stuck in a vicious circle where you cannot grow, because you do not focus on the present and live dreaming of what is beyond you. Perhaps the best solution at these times is to travel, change jobs or adopt other more realistic attitudes that will not radically change your current situation, but may ease a little the desire to try new things, allowing you to focus more on the here and now.

Emotional security can be found in a philosophical ideal. This means, therefore, that it is important to build up your own values and philosophy of life, so that you can feel more confident and have a more stable emotional side. Areas of study that involve deep understanding of the mind may be appropriate to pursue a career, so people with this placement can work with the public teaching and guiding.

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