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Neptune in House 10 of the BirthChart

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Neptune in this positioning helps those thus born achieve their dreams through their career, social status and work. However, there is a predisposition not to discover their real professional vocation very easily. As there can be an interest in several subjects, this is something that tends to make these people lose their focus, causing their thoughts to scatter and thus not be able to draw a clearer goal, a plan for their professional life and their place in society.

This innate ability to adapt to a variety of issues can cause difficulties in achieving goals that they set for themselves to carry out. They also tend to become disillusioned with the lack of recognition, even though they continue to dedicate themselves to their tasks. They gain extra stimulation to pursue a more altruistic career, so they can dedicate themselves professionally to humanitarian work, to the arts, to medicine as well as to such maritime activities as marine biology, among others.

It is also necessary for them to pay more attention to their appearance, because if their image conveys sloppiness, this can cause problems in their professional environment. People governed by this positioning have a greater capacity to give themselves to others and even sacrifice themselves for the ideals they believe in. They tend to like to convey the virtues of dreaming and imagining things, and for this reason everything related to artistic activities can be undertaken and developed. Words like compassion, imagination, fraternization, charisma, love and giving gain a little more prominence.

One of the main challenges for those who are ruled by Neptune in the House 10 is in fact establishing well-defined goals and objectives. It is necessary for them to overcome the barrier of uncertainty and choose a profession that really gives them pleasure and can add something positive both to their own life and that of others. This might be something that allows them to develop their talents and at the same time contributes to their process of giving to others.

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