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Neptune in House 12 of the BirthChart

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Those born under this placement tend to feel guilt and have a tough time knowing how to explain precisely why they have this feeling more readily. Lack of contact with their inner self can cause feelings of pain, fear, or inadequacy in biting off more than they can chew, which can lead to spells of melancholy. Therefore, reflecting and meditating becomes essential throughout life. This positioning also denotes occasional willingness to help others.

This same energy can influence such people to be better resolved as regards their spiritual lives and thus become more balanced internally. This well-being can be a source of wisdom and understanding regarding life. Among their main challenges is the need to look at themselves and get in touch with their “inner self”. Another battle worth winning is for them to find out how to deal with tensions and confusion that can generate fears, paranoias, or fantasies.

It is important for them to work on their sensitivity. Alternative therapies, metaphysical or spiritual matters tend to do them a great deal of good, as does the practice of meditation and yoga. Helping others, engaging in charity and humanitarian work can also be valid attitudes. This positioning tends to make people often prefer to be alone and be more sensitive and intuitive in matters related to spirituality and other planes of existence. They tend to have a greater and richer inner life.

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