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Neptune in House 5 of the BirthChart

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Neptune in this sector of one’s chart can lend a little more creative power to these people, where everything related to the arts or artistic careers can be developed. Sensitivity is heightened and there is a tendency to have moments of inspiration and insights, although care must be taken so that these people do not show their arrogant side, as there is also a certain tendency to self-aggrandizement.

People with this placement tend to be very romantic as well as having platonic loves. However, due to their grand expectations for love, there is the possibility of having to deal with disappointments throughout their lives, as they tend to give themselves wholeheartedly and unconditionally to romances. They can dream of finding a soul mate, which explains their difficulty in sticking with a normal relationship, as they have grand expectations.

Dedication and love for their children can be intense affairs, but this feeling must be regulated so that they do not get harmed. As they tend to think that their children are the best, there is a strong idealization of what they are and what they will become in the future, and thus there is excessive projection, an abnormal expectation. With this kind of thinking, they can be too lenient with them. For their children, they may even abandon their own projects, give up on and abandon their creative side, even if they feel enormous pleasure in dedicating themselves to the latter. Later, however, they will claim all their dedication and love from them in case they do not get back the commitment that was offered to them. Thus, there is an excess of dedication, but also a strong bond between parents and children.

Among their challenges is pursuing ideas or exercising their creativity to counterbalance their dedication to children or family. Nothing to cancel out. Their sensitivity should be stimulated even as an approach for maintaining harmony in the family environment. Externalizing their feelings and sensitivity through art can be a good route to take, since after all it will be quite positive to share this gift with other people.

Possible harmonic aspects of Neptune in House 5:

  • Most romantic person;
  • They usually give himself wholeheartedly and unconditionally to romances;
  • They have a good deal of sensitivity;
  • Ease of inspiration and insights;
  • They may develop strong empathy and symbiosis with children;
  • They can have an extra dose of creativity and love for others.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Neptune in House 5:

  • They sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children, but later may regret the lost chances due to the attention given;
  • They may be too condescending to children;
  • There is a tendency to give oneself unconditionally and to have platonic loves;
  • They tend to idealize love and the manner of living pleasure;
  • When disappointments occur in love, they are usually due to high expectations;
  • There is a tendency to self-aggrandizement;
  • There is also a tendency to fall in love with someone in trouble and think that they will save him/her;
  • Another tendency is to romanticize reality, to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Possible challenges of Neptune in House 5:

  • They should indulge in creativity and experiment with art and music in general;
  • They should keep thinking on the positive side;
  • They must develop spirituality and self-knowledge;
  • And they should also learn to express their feelings and show their sensitivity.
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