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NeptuneNeptune in House 6 of the BirthChart

Check out Astrolink and understand what Neptune in the 6th house represents in your birth chart, how it influences your life and use it in your favor.

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Neptune in this sector of the chart can lend those thus born a little more inspiration and motivation to deal with everyday situations. This should start with health, where the nervous and immune systems will need more attention. If a person is born with Neptune in the House 6, it is important for them to strengthen their mental as well as their physical side. A healthy mind in a healthy body - and vice-versa. Electing alternative medicine is also a good option for combatting any potential weaknesses.

With this placement, there is a propensity for allergies to certain foods, so care in this regard should be redoubled and a healthy diet must always be maintained. There may also be excessive care about hygiene.

To combat any negative aspects in terms of health, the ideal is for these people to cling to something less material, and this may perhaps be their greatest challenge: surrender to what is less tangible, more spiritual, or mental, since the body is an instrument of the mind.

Those who have this positioning  can perform activities related to healing, such as working as doctors or nurses and undertake humanitarian routines very well.

The working environment also deserves special attention. Occasionally, there may be misunderstandings, hidden things, or emotional strain on co-workers and underlings.

Possible harmonic aspects of Neptune in House 6:

  • They should take care of the food they eat a lot;
  • They can be people who dedicated and helpful to others;
  • Their greater sensitivity allows them to engage in activities related to healing if they so desire;
  • Medicine, nursing, or volunteer services are highlighted.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Neptune in House 6:

  • There is a tendency towards a certain obsession about hygiene;
  • Increased sensitivity, food poisoning or allergies;
  • They may not take very well to reprimands;
  • Their immune and nervous systems are more sensitive;

Possible challenges of Neptune in House 6:

  • They should develop their spiritual side and self-knowledge;
  • They should devote themselves to others with humility;
  • They should also check out alternative medicine in case of illness;
  • Also, they must always take care of their health and nutrition;
  • Healing through spiritual surrender is a good parallel path.
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