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Neptune in House 8 of the BirthChart

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With this positioning in their charts, people probably live searching for their soul; that is, mystical matters and the occult can be appealing and very much present in some way in their lives. The mysteries and the deep side of life attract them. If they practice, things like going into a trance or a state of hypnosis can be easy goals to achieve. However, all this magic, this enchanting side of life and curiosity about each other can be shaken by doubt or confusion if it is not something well defined. As they are sensitive to the thoughts of others, they can often intuitively know people's secrets or intentions.

Generally, this positioning influences people to become interested in astrology or the occult, and they may be susceptible to having lucid dreams, nightmares or strange dreams at various times in life, even including situations of projection of consciousness, (the so-called out-of-body experiences or astral trips). In fact, dreams can be a reliable source of knowledge if one intends to analyze them.

The encounter with an unconditional love can take a long time, so there can be a good deal of confusion and uncertainty in the most intimate relationships. However, with such Neptune influence, a person can live a relationship that will make them feel an unconditional love for the loved one at some point in life. The intuitive side also gains strength, as does the imagination. There is also an open channel with the intimate, with the sexual energy and with the other; even so, rather than the encounter being always magical and sacred, it can sometimes become intensely lustful.

Not knowing how to refuse what they do not want can become a problem, just like difficulty in defining boundaries between the (material} side of life and the other (mental, occult, ethereal) side. Changes are always welcome, and they usually take place intimately, that is, in secret. At the worst, there can be confusion and emotional instability, so they should be careful when relating to people who are problematic, unstable or who demonstrate confusing or perverse behavior. In such situations, the best thing would be engaging with philosophies aimed at the development of human beings in their physical and mental aspects, so that they can balance, re-energize, and protect themselves, moving away from such influences and learning from experience.

One of their main challenges is to obtain more refinement in intimate relationships and to know how to deal with the emotional transformations that may occur during life. Such people should also sharpen their sensitivity, as their intuition is already quite well-developed. They may also prefer to distance themselves from, rather than paying close attention to, money matters, as they tend to ignore certain resources or let others handle them. They need to be aware that while leaving these responsibilities in the hands of others can be good and useful, it is even better for them to give the attention needed to what is theirs, avoiding future problems with those who can take advantage of their trust, be they partner, professional advisor or accountant. They should carefully select the people they entrust their resources to.

Such people also need to avoid alcohol in potential situations involving sex to have more control over the situation and prevent resistance and judgment from disappearing. They are likely to be intense and passionate people in the sexual realm. On the other side of the coin, in a diametrically opposite way, there is also a certain tendency to be celibate or to renounce sex in different periods of their lives. Desire and even interest can suddenly disappear at times in relationships.

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