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Neptune in House 9 of the BirthChart

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With such a positioning in their charts, these people gain an incentive to be more open to studies, research and work related to philosophy, as well as a greater appreciation for higher education, metaphysical matters, and faith. They tend to value everything that touches their sensibility more, such as music, cinema, or other forms of art. Having a certain escapist tendency, something that possibly has a lot of appeal for them is to dive headlong into the assimilation of diverse types of knowledge coming from diverse cultures.

Throughout their lives they can develop a greater feeling of compassion, generosity, and love for people or for the very experience of being alive, with a greater sense of integration with the whole, something that can even influence them to follow a missionary path, for example. Insights and brilliant ideas can come out of nowhere, leading to idealization of projects and desires that tend to delight those close to them.

Occasionally, a superior and inspiring force can renew their faith and hope. Extrasensory sensations, heightened intuition or clairvoyant powers are also influenced. Their ideals and goals become sharper when subjects that are philosophical, mystical or involve higher knowledge are on the agenda.

On the other hand, weighing a little on the other side of the scale, this same willingness to debate and conjecture about ideas, beliefs or ideologies can compromise their performance, creating dreams that get them nowhere. The negative points of this assets should be known so that they can be better balanced and improved. There may be a certain difficulty in gaining a fair perception of reality, since as has been said, some of the greatest characteristics of those who are governed by this positioning are idealism and dreams, which if channeled in an unharmonious way, can lead these people to fanaticism or to an obsessive devotion to something that deep down may not be worth it or is far too utopian. People tend to expend energy and delude themselves deeply if they are not also concerned with the concrete and tangible details of their ideas, focusing on what really matters. This positioning can also make them more likely to feel victimized by the world and to have some difficulty in setting goals and sticking to them to the letter.

The tendency is to have a strong connection and communication with the divine aspect of existence, that is, with the universe and with the higher knowledge and intelligence that reside in the collective unconscious. Therefore, it is good for their path to always pass through the filter of love, spreading good knowledge that can help people on the path of personal improvement and self-knowledge.

One of the main challenges for them is to be able to develop their psychic and mental control, that is, to concentrate and transform their intuition into tangible things that can also interact with reality.

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