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Neptune in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Sagittarius from 1970 to 1984. And brought the dream of a better world, based on knowledge, companionship and freedom. At that time, the one also imprinted on those born in it, the collective consciousness seems to be more receptive to know

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From 1970 to 1984... The freedom to know.

Neptune in Sagittarius brought the dream of a better world, based on knowledge, fellowship and freedom. During this time and imprinted on those born in it, collective consciousness seemed to be more receptive to knowledge and wisdom. There was a greater need for mental and spiritual evolution. Thus, philosophy assumed a significant role, in the unrelenting search for a greater meaning in life.

In the last passage of Neptune through Sagittarius (1970–1984), people wanted a freer, more tolerant society and became citizens of the world, shortening the distances between nations with air travel, where tourism gained a lot of focus. The concept of globalization was born, where countries lost their borders, and all became ONE.

Even with the Cold War, the arms and space races gave way to a more humanist vision, where governments were more concerned with the world and not with individual interests. It was a period called Progressive Humanity. Religion and doctrines also gained focus in the period, when the Catholic Church had its last very charismatic leader, Pope John Paul II, who began his leadership in 1978. He was in fact the first non-Italian Pope in centuries, another point for Neptune in Sagittarius.

At that time, fashion was quite extravagant and exuded optimism, colors and joy, something that reflected even more the various tribes of the world. From hairstyles like black power and mohawk, to tight-fitting outfits and bell-bottom slacks from the clubs, it seemed that everyone wanted to express their style to the world in a unique and free, albeit exaggerated, manner.

Interest in other cultures was sparked, perhaps in a quest to better understand the world and, consequently, life. However, multinational capitalism grew along with this breakdown of borders, which brought to light a time of tremendous consumerism that managed to continue.

Neptune’s adventurous spirit and eagerness for ideas in Sagittarius was reflected in the lives of people at the time, which was also imprinted on their progeny, who always seem to need something new. What they had was never enough and they were always looking for more, whether in relationships, careers, travel, products or material goods.

In the 14 years it was in Sagittarius, Neptune imprinted its transcendent spirit in a very peculiar and joyful way in a society that needed to breathe a little deeper.

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