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Part of Fortune in Aquarius in the BirthChart

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Here, people tend to appreciate their own originality and that of others. Their sense of contentment is connected to knowing that nothing is the same, everything has its own peculiarities and there’s nothing wrong in being different according to other people’s opinions. It suggests more luck with out of the box experiences, without too many limitations, rules, traditions or antiquated beliefs, and with the potential for an open mind, getting to know everything about everything, which brings a greater sense of contentment.

Attention to others, coupled with Aquarius’ classic free spirit, will become more evident when the Part of Fortune is positioned in this sign. This will be a positive influence, strengthening a feeling of companionship, where people will value caring and affectionate actions coming from their friends. Even if they follow their independent instincts, they will tend not to forget true friendships, especially in more challenging moments.

When there’s tension in this positioning or pressurized conditions in childhood, people can be more self-sufficient, cold and distant from people in their lives, as well as lacking empathy and having a feeling of not belonging. If they don’t work on their need for independence, it can cause a tendency to isolation. This means that every time the person feels trapped, mentally or physically, they could act of their own accord, without much regard for others.

This positioning suggests a greater desire to seek the new, uncover the future and be audacious, making this native luckier and happier when dealing with humanitarian ideals.

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