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Part of Fortune in Capricorn in the BirthChart

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Your sense of contentment and joy is connected to structured, solid things and more distant from the abstract. Continually cultivate responsibility, patience, perseverance and pragmatism. It would help if you felt that you were building something on your own, and you tend to feel happier when there’s planning involved or you have a responsibility to attend to. This can make you feel better and more comfortable in actions involving responsibilities, which leads to personal recognition. Seeking stability can also have a strong appeal.

This positioning can also benefit self-love, working as a springboard to realizing goals and making people more self-sufficient in many aspects of their lives.

When there’s tension in this positioning or childhood, an excessive dependency and a difficulty to leave their comfort zone could emerge. Clearly, how we were nurtured as children is fundamental for good or lousy self-esteem. If, early in life, that person received a repressive education, where they didn’t have a voice, not even to express their emotions, this will likely challenge their belief in their potential.

They must be careful with dismissive feelings toward themselves and stop doubting their ability to take on responsibilities. Upon detecting such a possibility and wanting to assuage any insecurities, it is essential not to ask too much and to make peace with yourself. From self-observation, you will notice what matters and how much you are capable of leading your life more self-sufficiently.

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