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Part of Fortune in Leo in the BirthChart

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With the Part of Fortune in Leo, if this sign’s positive characteristics are worked on properly, the individual will benefit from the Sun’s abundance. Interacting with others becomes a more natural process, where all involved can be willing to exchange a loving energy.

It is important to feel valued and use your creativity to rule or to feel that you are somehow making a difference. Lead by example and always be consistent. Having a legacy or a more visible position can bring a greater feeling of personal fulfillment. There’s a greater chance that you will make your presence felt in many situations, but not in a negative way. Develop your artistic gifts, as they could bring interesting opportunities.

However, it all depends on a few factors. If this person received a repressive education, with lots of imposed rules, this inherent light may dissipate a little and, in its place, a need for constant attention can arise, which can be very inconvenient. If, as a child, the individual was often compared to others, this can lead them to become extremely competitive, always waiting to be better than others.

They need to release any feelings of failure and take their place in the world, working positively on their self-esteem and honorably opening themselves up, following their passion and letting their very best flow freely. This way, their lives will have less idealizing and more loving.

Also, cultivate enthusiasm, generosity and optimism, as you will find great joy in being a source of inspiration to others. There is more potential for you to understand that everyone must find their own path, with great accomplishments if you use your creative an energy in a positive way.

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