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Part of Fortune in Libra

Part of Fortune in Libra in the Birth Chart

Having a more open relationship with others is one of the benefits of this positioning, as relationships are more likely to be based in mutual trust and understanding.

It suggests a greater capacity to maintain balance in a very competitive and frantic world, as well as enjoying harmonious relationships where there’s a constant feeling of wellbeing. There could be more luck in that sense, as well as the pursuit of justice and doing things in a measured way.

All of that has the potential to bring more joy into your life, as well as getting involved in activities where you need to interact, share or do something for others. Cultivate diplomacy, balance and harmony. One advantage can be a better understanding of how to create situations where everyone wins. Follow this advice to potentially attract more peace and contentment in your own personal universe.

Such characteristics could be altered if, in childhood, the individual had their desires neglected by the family and left in the background. At the moment the child realizes their abilities are not echoed or have no positive answer, they can stop believing in their value. This can create some behavioral patterns which makes them always inferior to others in adult life. For that reason, it becomes a little harder to see themselves as deserving of benefits. These self-esteem issues can make way for other problems or manipulative people.

The solution to break these patterns, when they exist, is to use Libra’s positive virtues and always see the other side of the coin, impartially. When truthfully looking into yourself, you will see your potential and will start to have more meaningful relationships, based on harmony and cooperation.

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