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Part of Fortune in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

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This positioning suggests a more open channel for self-discovery and a truthful connection with others. There’s a promise of joy in exploring, opening up new spaces and letting out what you feel or think, as if there’s a greater need to feel free and be adventurous. With that, it is possible you will find it harder to deal with limitations of ideas or in physical interactions.

Cultivate truthfulness, honesty and understanding of the universe and its laws. This positioning indicates a higher sense of contentment when visiting distant places.

If there is tension in this positioning, pay attention to any impatient need to obtain answers to your questions and desires, to avoid being fooled. The desire to resolve situations immediately can incur in mistakes which could be avoided if everything had been sorted with serenity and at the right time. Also, pay attention to confusion and lack of clarity in your ideas. If your studies have been neglected or somehow negatively affected, this could lead to a lack of interest in academia, which could compromise your learning potential.

Upon becoming aware of these circumstances and following your intuition, you can make peace with yourself and get back on track, avoiding judgments without being aware of the facts. Chances which were wasted along your life could come back in many forms, including by means of education and seeking knowledge through friendships and travel. In any case, you need something to awaken your mind and find a space for creativity to flourish, finding your own truth in a more grounded way.

It is also important to honestly tell your ideas to the world, getting to know new doctrines, cultures, knowledges and philosophies, as all of this tends to bring more joy and interesting opportunities. You have the potential to control your own destiny and to feel good every time you travel somewhere distant, discovering the world and its opportunities.



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