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Pluto in House 10 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Pluto in House 10 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Pluto in House 10:

  • Control your destiny more easily, what you are trying to achieve in life;
  • You tend to take responsibility for your sense of power;
  • More commitment, strength, and magnetism in the personality;
  • You take responsibility for your own change;
  • With great concentration and dedication to professional life, you are more involved with your career;
  • You can drive significant changes in the professional environment;
  • You can act in actions that seek the regeneration of public entities or institutions.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Pluto in House 10:

  • You can run away from your responsibilities and social power;
  • Greater resistance to change;
  • You may feel an unfounded fear of being destroyed, annihilated, “canceled” socially;
  • Fear of power, you may find it threatening;
  • Heavier personal energy;
  • You can experience great turmoil in life, ups and downs;

Possible challenges of Pluto in House 10:

  • You need to be more aware of past issues that may surface;
  • You must discover your personal mission;
  • You must face traumas so that they are not reflected in professional life;
  • Personal power must be at the service of a higher group or cause;
  • You must be careful about how you manipulate others or be careful how you choose to move up in status.
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