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Saturn in House 10 of the BirthChart

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This positioning can make one learn, from an early age, to conquer things with more determination, effort, discipline, and perseverance. They usually become an ambitious person to achieve their goals and gain the status they crave. They just need to be a little careful, as excessive ambition can cause others to suffer, especially if they are in a position of leadership.

In this case, life can be costly for mistakes or excesses committed. If they do not respect the principles of balance, they can suffer unpleasant consequences. Accept the opportunities the world offers, but keeping in mind that the limit is your health and dignity (and limits is a subject Saturn understands well).

They usually have a great sense of maturity, responsibility, and even a certain austerity. They tend to value honesty and integrity, showing more seriousness in everything they do. One tends to be more practical, objective, and pragmatic, being responsible for their professional choices and assuming only achievable responsibilities. Therefore, nothing prevents them from delegating responsibilities. They may find it difficult to be recognized at first, so there is a tendency to appear insensitive and cold.

In the eyes of others, they can often seem like an inaccessible person. Over time, they gain the respect and admiration of their companions. They tend to do important things that attract attention. They obey their superiors, but also like them to obey their command when necessary. They enjoy planning their actions and strategizing to get where they want to go, striving to gain status. When they do, they tend to stay on top. They can be a more selective person in their relationships, knowing how to recognize and value efforts and being very discerning.

A big challenge is choosing a profession or activity that makes them achieve their goals, but without going over the top of other people. It is necessary to maintain the integrity and fulfill one’s obligations without harming anyone. Status achieved through effort and professional competence should serve to help others. This is a position that favors administrators, lawyers, executives, judges, politicians, and leadership positions in general.

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