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Saturn in House 5 of the BirthChart

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House 5 has spontaneity and self-expression as preponderant factors, however, having Saturn in this sector can cause expressiveness to be compromised, making one repress their feelings and actions a little more and contain more before others. Such behavior may be related to childhood, as the child may have been subjected to stricter rules of behavior early on. Therefore, one becomes more afraid or fearful of exposing themselves and ends up worrying too much about the opinion of others, repressing and limiting their inner child, and begin to behave like an adult before its time.

The mood can be a little compromised, with occasional difficulties to rejoice (or keep the joy) in big and small things, unless the Moon is very well positioned. Saturn, in this sector, can show blocks to creativity and lack of disposition, although it can help in the concentration of studies and the maturation of their attitude towards life, especially with regard to sexuality and pleasures.

The sense of responsibility can be stronger or exaggerated and to balance such predisposition, it would be good for natives not to forget to have fun and become a cheerful and happy person. Difficulty in letting their creativity flow can prevent them from developing their real talents. Such a sense of responsibility can lead them to positions of power. 

Natives may be afraid of not being good parents, or, depending on Saturn’s balance, they may even marry someone who already has children, becoming responsible for others’ children as well. Responsibility is one of the positive points of this positioning, so they may know how to use their talents for something productive. Tendency to have talent as a teacher, educator, therapist, or instructor. Despite a possible more austere relationship with the children (or with the parents), love usually prevails, and, as parents, they will know how to find the best solution to any problem. If there are problems with the children, they can be resolved once the parents recognize that they too can learn a lot from them, and that they cannot grow up being very controlling. Everything has limits and it is necessary to teach this to the children too.

In loving relationships, it is necessary to learn to have more self-esteem and to let themselves be more involved. One of their challenges is to rescue the inner child, since they may have been suffocated by the actions of other people or situations in life. They may need to relearn how to play and realize that it is possible to be joyful and responsible at the same time, and that being jovial is not a sin. They must also learn to release and develop all their creativity and to take genuine pleasure in life. Lost spontaneity can be regained through art, self-knowledge, philosophy, or spirituality. Self-knowledge can do a lot of good.

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