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Saturn in House 6 of the BirthChart

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Saturn’s influence in mundane house six is one of the most complicated positionings to explain. At first, it can be scary because it is an evil planet placed in the house of diseases, but this is a sign of displeasure only if the rulers of your birth Rising Sign are in bad celestial and mundane conditions, such as positioned in undesirable houses, receiving tense aspects, and in signs that indicate some essential weakness, after all, the Rising Sign also represents the physical body and health.

It can make natives more efficient but cause certain limitations related to work, daily routine, or health. In fact, these are some of the reasons that lead people to learn to be more efficient in relation to the way they live their lives, avoiding excesses and optimizing resources.

Saturn in this sector, alone, is not bad for the body, but, just in case, it is advisable to recurrently practice preventive exams and not to overindulge in poor diet, smoking, drinking, and sedentary lifestyle: there is time for everything! On the other hand, work becomes heavier and can take too much of your time, preventing you from relaxing even in your spare time given the excess of obligations. It can also be more complicated to deal with employees, direct reports, and civil servants, so always be twice as patient in this regard.

Still about health, for example, this should be treated with greater attention, since any existing or emerging problem tends to be related to excesses and unresolved or unbalanced energy issues. Generally, problems in this area are attributed to stress, carelessness, and excesses, so taking care of the diet and the personal and work routine is fundamental.

In fact, there can be greater care for the body, health, hygiene, and food. Because of this, one can become more practical and demanding in everything one does. They may have their health affected due to worries or overwork, as there is a tendency to worry about being too correct in the things they set out to do, and even subject themselves to heavy and excessive workloads. It can even become a “workaholic” (work or task addict). However, one must be careful and vigilant that overwork does not damage one’s health or attract periods of anxiety.

The dedication to routine and to work can cause one to get stuck in a structure that they have created, carrying excessive weight on their back. Within this spectrum, everyday life becomes more difficult and overloaded. Concerning relationships, the tendency is to be more formal or a person “full of ceremony”, this being perhaps a behavior based on the fear of not being recognized, approved, or valued by others.

One of the positive points of those born under this influence is that the work is really taken seriously and done with great responsibility. Because of this, they are recognized for their competence, gaining more easily the respect and trust of others. They also like to improve themselves to be more efficient in what they propose to do.

If they take preventive actions with regard to health, they can avoid many problems and have a healthy routine. Among their main challenges are caring for the body, eating, and maintaining sleep, it is important to maintain healthy habits from an early age. Health can be compromised due to dietary negligence, lack of exercise, or especially stress, so double care is needed here, and there is a greater propensity for bone, tooth, spine, and knee diseases.

It is worth mentioning that work is not everything, so it is essential to find time to rest, to have fun, to enjoy the best that life has to offer, and the results and benefits of your achievements. The work environment and those linked to your daily routine must be the best possible so that everything runs smoothly. Saturn is considered the Lord of Time and does not act unfairly, although it requires rule and commitment. Therefore, maintaining balance is essential.

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